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Brand Name Title Subject Download
All Design Solutions Guide Guide gives general product design overview with a focus on plastic part design. [download]
All Screw Designs in Injection Molding The classical three-section screw can be employed with adequate quality for the processing of many thermoplastics ... [download]
All Snap-Fit Design This manual will guide you through the basics of snap-fit design [download]
All Review of Mathematical Design Methods for Thermoplastic Machine Parts This materials data sheet describes the mathematical methods adopted in current design practice for determining the ... [download]
All Design Calculations for Friction Bearings It is a fact that the load-bearing capacity of plastic friction bearings is not nearly as high as that of lubricated metal ... [download]
Not applicable Application Development Engineering Brochure Application Development Engineering Capabilities [download]
Not applicable High Modulus High Performance High Modulus High Performance Supports Metal to Plastic Designs [download]
Ultradur Ultradur? LUX PBT Laser welding technical brief Description of laser welding and a case study on laser welding using Ultradur LUX material and NdYAG quasi-simultaneous system [download]