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Helping Make Products BetterTM

BASF Resins produces JONCRYL® high solids polyols and water-based polymers used in the Industrial Coatings market to enhance coatings for concrete, plastic, wood, metal, maintenance and auto refinish. Our solid grade oligomer (SGO) process provides resins with a wide range of molecular weights and distributions for more versatility in polymer design allowing for lower VOCs; narrow polydispersity resulting in tightly-controlled properties; product consistency; and flexibility in raw material processing for a wide product offering. Our rheology-controlled emulsions provide extremely fine particle size products contributing to excellent gloss.

Helping Customers Achieve More Success

As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF fosters potential for success with its customers by providing consultative customer guidance with the selection and application of JONCRYL products. Our industry-recognized team of experts is eager to assist you in meeting formulation and related challenges.

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