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fSustainable solutions for solar energy

solar power loves chemistry

House of DollarsThe sun produces enough energy in a single second to meet the world's electric needs for thousands of years. But because photovoltaic technology has not been either efficient or cost-effective enough to compete with other energy sources, solar energy represents only 1% of North America's energy mix.

At BASF, we believe chemistry will play an important role in the future of solar technology, enabling the sun's energy to make a sustainable contribution towards a low carbon society. BASF has solutions that can benefit silicon wafer and thin film technologies, as well as solar energy products such as panels and cells.

Our chemical innovations can improve both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of large scale solar utility plants, regardless off the type of technology that is used. And with our broad construction materials portfolio, BASF can provide robust solutions for homes and commercial buildings to minimize the amount of energy needed. We want to help the construction industry achieve the ultimate solution: self-sufficient buildings that consume zero energy from the power grid. If you want to learn more about how BASF can help you make solar energy more efficient and economical, please click on the one of the tabs above.

BASF solar solutions in the news

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