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BASF Uvinul 3030 UV stabilizer for plastics approved for food contact uses

MOUNT OLIVE, N.J., February 26, 2003 -- BASF Corporation today announced that its UvinulŪ 3030 UV stabilizer can now be used in all plastic resins that are used to produce packaging, storage containers and utensils that come into contact with food. This new capability is the result of the issuance of a Food Contact Notification approval for Uvinul 3030 issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on January 21, 2003.

"We are pleased to have received the recent FDA approval," said Wolfgang Adams, Business Manager, Performance Chemicals, BASF Corporation. "With Food Contact Notification approval for Uvinul 3030 in all resins, for Uvinul 3035 in rigid PVC, and for Uvinul 3039 for rigid PVC PET resins, BASF has a strong line of UV stabilizers for use in thermoplastic resins."

All three BASF UV stabilizers, Uvinul 3030, 3035 and 3039, are of the diphenyl acrylate class of compounds, a chemistry which BASF has had since 1978. Since diphenyl acrylates are not susceptible to pH shifts, the BASF Uvinul line can be used in a wide range of plastic products with all types of other additives and not see adverse affects caused by these other additives

Uvinul 3030, the latest addition to this class, is a high molecular tetramer of the white crystalline Uvinul 3035 and is recommended for use in articles where migration is a concern.

As a whole the diphenyl acrylates add little to no color to the resin matrices to which they are added. In applications such as liquid color for PET, Uvinul 3039 would be a good candidate since it is a 100 percent active liquid with no volatile organic carbon compounds.

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