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Offers quicker cycles in normal- to high-bake applications

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., April 26, 2002 – The BASF Automotive Refinish Strategic Business Unit has announced the addition of another super-fast clearcoat to the R-MŪ brand’s CTR™ (“Cycle Time Reduction”) family of products: R-M DC5300 CTR clearcoat. Intended for use with the R-M DiamontŪ clearcoat system, R-M DC5300 is designed for spot repair or overall applications in normal- to high-bake clear situations. R-M DC5300 features dry times as fast as 10 minutes at 180 degrees F and just 20 minutes at 140 degrees F. It complements R-M DC5100 CTR Clear, a 10-minute clear designed for low- to normal-bake applications, introduced in late 2001.

“With a gloss and appearance that equals or exceeds conventional ‘glamour’ clears and its super-fast dry times, we believe DC5300 represents the best combination of clearcoat appearance and cure speed that has been achieved thus far,” explained Brent Wallace, R-M Brand Marketing Manager, BASF Automotive Refinish.

“The products in the R-M CTR family are designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance profitability for the collision repair center,” Wallace explained, “and DC5300 delivers these benefits in a number of ways. First and foremost is its speed, which will reduce cycle times and increase through-put. In addition, because it is the highest solids urethane clearcoat we have offered to date, DC5300 reduces the amount of material required for the job. It uses a simple 3:1 mix ratio, is easy to apply, can be sanded or buffed quickly after baking, and provides a very wet edge for excellent over-spray melt-in. So it reduces time, material and labor costs, while providing a deep, glossy finish superior to what would be expected from a super-fast clearcoat.”

The development of innovative product technologies that allow customers to reduce cycle times will continue to be a driving force for BASF, according to Guy Bargnes, Director, Marketing, Automotive Refinish. “The response to DC5100 has been overwhelming, and we’re pleased that we can now extend these R-M super-fast clearcoat technology benefits into the higher-bake category with new DC5300,” he said.

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