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BASF’s South Brunswick, N.J., EPS manufacturing site now fully operational
Need to rebuild inventories keeps force majeure declaration in effect

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., October 14, 2004 – With the resumption of a regular supply of styrene from the Gulf of Mexico, BASF’s expandable polystyrene (EPS) plant in South Brunswick, N.J., is slowly returning to normal production rates.

However, because the supply chain remains tight and inventories are critically low, the force majeure declared for all contracts and related agreements pertaining to resins produced at South Brunswick, and the resulting supply allocation measures, remain in effect.

BASF declared force majeure at the South Brunswick site in September due to a disruption in the supply of styrene to the site caused by the series of hurricanes in the southeastern United States that severely limited the shipping industry’s ability to transport material. BASF’s South Brunswick site is supplied styrene by ship from the Gulf of Mexico.

“We will continue to focus on manufacturing our low-pentane Styropor® BFL EPS because customers in this market have limited options for these resins,” said Gene Zimmermann, Director of BASF’s Styrenic Foams business in North America. “We expect to resume production of the remaining Styropor EPS products produced at South Brunswick by mid-October.”

Zimmermann said he was uncertain when the force majeure declaration will be lifted. “We are committed to keeping our customers informed throughout the process and doing everything we can to help them,” he said.

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