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BASF's Luran® S ASA is bringing color to the residential vinyl fencing market
Color retention properties make copolymer an attractive alternative to PVC capstocks

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., September 27, 2004 -- BASF has launched an initiative to bring the proven performance of Luran S acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) resin as a weatherable capstock for light to midrange colors to the home vinyl fence market.

Luran S ASA is already widely used as a capstock for vinyl siding due to its durability and fade- resistance properties in all climates, allowing manufacturers to offer homeowners a broader range of colors.

"Vinyl fencing has been a high growth market over the past few years because it does not require the same upkeep as wood fences," said Doyle Robertson, Market Development Manager of BASF's Styrenic Copolymers business in North America. "Homeowners have embraced the low-maintenance features of vinyl fencing, but want more choices in color. Luran S ASA gives fence manufacturers the opportunity to offer a high-quality vinyl fence in a broad range of architectural colors that resists fading better than competitive materials."

Vinyl fencing capped with Luran S ASA resin has been shown to retain its color much longer than products using PVC for this component, Robertson added. "Unlike PVC, Luran S ASA does not chalk and its resistance to fading holds up in all geographic regions -- even those with high UV levels in which only a limited palette range could be offered in traditional materials due to significant color-shifting issues."

Luran S ASA resins are compatible with the PVC base used for vinyl fencing and runs on standard PVC equipment, so conversions to the copolymer do not require a significant capital investment.

"Essentially, Luran S ASA resin provides premium performance without a premium cost," Robertson concluded. "It is 25 percent less dense than PVC, and vinyl fence manufacturers are able to produce a thinner capstock to achieve comparable performance. Reducing the amount of prime material needed to produce the capstock along with the amount of concentrate needed to color it makes Luran S ASA resin a cost-effective solution for our customers."

More information is available on the Internet on BASF's Styrenic Copolymers business at

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