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Highlights of Special Plan Features

Besides giving you a benefits overview, we'd also like to point out some features of our programs that we think are additional advantages to you in terms of flexibility, special needs and convenience.

Focus on Flexibility

Focus on Special Needs

Focus on Convenience

A good benefits program is even better if it is flexible to meet individual needs. Here are examples of flexibility in the BASF benefit plans:

Your benefit coverages are always important. This can be especially true when you're not working:

You can use NetBenefits, our special "800" telephone number, for access to your benefit plans to:

Annual Health & InsurancePlan Choices

Coverage After Retirement

Make Your Benefits Choices

Each calendar year you can make certain changes to your medical, dental, vision care, life insurance and spending account choices.

Changes are also possible during the year if you have a family status change.

After retirement, you may continue certain medical and life insurance coverage.

If you die after retirement, your family members may still have medical plan options.

Use NetBenefits to change your benefit plan coverages during annual plan enrollment each year or if you have a family status change.

Monthly Savings Plan Choices Find Out Information About Your Benefits

Each month you can change the amount you are contributing to the Savings Plan (or start or stop contributions if you need to).

And, you can make contributions on a before-tax or after-tax basis.

You can also change the way your money is invested among the planís eighteen investment funds as often as once a day.

You can also use NetBenefits to find out information about each of your benefits plans, including your current elections, your current Savings Plan contribution rates and investment choices, and fund performance.

Savings Plan Loans and Withdrawals

If You Leave
Employment Before Retiring

Initiate Certain Transactions

You have access to your Savings Plan account through loans for any reason (up to two at one time) or withdrawals (with the limitation that your before-tax contributions can be withdrawn only for hardship reasons).

Under "COBRA," federal law provides that you (or your family) can pay to continue medical and dental coverages for up to 18 months. This period can be longer if you are disabled or die while covered.

If you die while actively employed and you were eligible to retire, your surviving spouse may be able to continue medical insurance coverage under the medical insurance program.

And, your optional life insurance coverage is "portable," which means you can continue it after you leave the Company.

You can use NetBenefits to make investment changes, or request a loan or withdrawal from the Savings Plan. You can also request medical and dental claim forms, ID cards, personalized status change worksheets or life insurance rates.

And, you can use NetBenefits to speak with an Employee Service Center or Vanguard representative.

Pension/Savings Plan Distribution Choices

When you leave the Company, you can generally choose from a variety of payment methods for each plan.

You may also be able to begin benefits before age 65.

The NetBenefits "800" telephone line is available 24 hours a day from any
Touch-Tone telephone.

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