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Design Capabilities: Material Selection

Styrolution offers an array of online tools to enable customers make the best selection/comparison of materials from a wide porfolio of products. We do that via our Product Locator that is readily available on this website. Our other online tools highlighted below contribute to put the right resin within reach of a few keystrokes and clicks.

Product Locator: Technical & Material Safety Data Sheets
This product-specific search engine offers grade description, technical data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information. Select a grade from a categorized list of items or with our keyword feature.
Product Locator

CAMPUS® 4.5 Database
CAMPUS (Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards) software is a downloadable database to search for specific resins. CAMPUS is the most widely used database for plastic materials and has been designed to provide essential and practical data on our various resin products.
CAMPUS Database

Snap-Fit Calculator
Snap-Fit Design Calculator is a beta-tool that guides you through snap-fit design. The Snap-Fit Calculator employs an algorithm for calculating stress and strength requirements. The algorithm revises classical physics theory on cantilever stresses because of the unique performance of plastics in such applications.
Snap-Fit Calculator

Cost Calculator
Our Cost Calculator will allow you to estimate the cost of manufacturing an injection molded part using a Styrolution Plastics material grade, given the approximate geometry of the part and some information about key material properties. Using the latest published figures of standard labor rates, it is intended to provide reasonable estimates of injection molded part costs.
Cost Calculator



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