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Snap-Fit Design Calculator
BASF's Snap-Fit Design Calculator is a beta-tool that guides you through snap-fit design. The Snap-Fit Calculator employs BASF's new algorithm for calculating stress and strength requirements. The algorithm revises classical physics theory on cantilever stresses because of the unique performance of plastics in such applications. We are currently in the process of evaluating this software and optimizing its performance. We would appreciate your input as you work with this tool.

Cost Calculator
Our Cost Calculator will allow you to estimate the cost of manufacturing an injection molded part using a BASF Plastics material grade, given the approximate geometry of the part and some information about key material properties. Using the latest published figures of standard labor rates, it is intended to provide reasonable estimates of injection molded part costs

Cycle Time Calculator
Using processing conditions input by the user, the estimator outputs a conservative number that represents the cycle time for a number of resin families. The calculation is based on standard theoretical thermodynamic equations, which take into effect the thermal diffusivity of the various materials. Because of the multiplicity of possible effects during the processing and use of our products, the information herein does not free the processor from carrying his own validation tests and experiments. Our calculation does not provide legally binding assurances of specific properties or of suitability for a particular application.