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More choices for your high performance sulfone needs - New Ultrason® P PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone)

TECASON P MTWith the introduction of Ultrason P 3010 PPSU, BASF expands its line of high performance plastics - giving you more materials to choose from and suppliers to consider.

Ultrason P 3010 PPSU combines the high melting temperature of our Ultrason E PES (Polyethersulfone), coupled with the low water absorption of Ultrason S PSU (Polysulfone) while exhibiting good impact resistance and inherent flame retardancy.

Most amorphous, high-performance plastics are notch-sensitive and can break at notches under impact stress.  Not Ultrason P 3010 – the material has been specifically engineered to have good notch impact, achieving a value that is almost ten times greater than that of other amorphous high-temperature materials.

These advances coupled with our industry leading application development team provide you with a resource that helps make your product world-class.

Applications for Ultrason P include plumbing pipe connectors and valves, seat and lamp covers, ventilation valves and aircraft overhead bins for carry-on baggage, as well as in-flight food containers. In the agricultural sector, Ultrason P 3010 may be used in the milk production process as it is can withstand sterilization and is resistant to cleansers.

In addition to a transparent grade, a white and a black Ultrason P 3010 will also be added to the line-up.

Ultrason® P 3010 – Benefits

Superior Notched Impact resistance
Outstanding chemical and stress crack resistance
Excellent resistance to superheated steam sterilization
Excellent flame resistance
Very low smoke density and toxicity