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New BASF Ultradur® B 4560 PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) for Direct Metallizable Automotive Exterior Lighting Applications

Ultradur B 4560 PBT Automotive Exterior Lighting Bezel

Why pay for base coating, when you don't have to?

Ultradur® B 4560 PBT was designed for applications in the automotive exterior lighting industry. The material is direct metallizable, which eliminates base-coat operations reducing costs by cutting several steps out of the manufacturing process.

Ultradur B 4560 PBT is a standard injection molding grade available in black and uncolored versions. BASF developed the product to provide Tier 1 automotive exterior light manufacturers a direct metallizable resin, which eliminates the need for base coating. Automotive exterior lighting bezels are the primary application, however, this material would be suitable for non-automotive lighting and other direct metallizable applications..

This resin provides excellent surface quality and has been noted by our customers to have high gloss. In addition, the resin exhibits low plate-out, reduced contamination of tooling, low fogging and low moisture uptake. The high flow reduces cycle times and enables molding of more complex geometries.

Benefits for Parts Manufacturers & Injection Molders include:

Direct Metallizable -- Saves money by eliminating base coating
Higher Flow -- Enables faster cycle times and more complex features
Low Moisture Uptake -- Ensures low fogging and dimensional stability