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Process Technology Capabilities

Our process technology development lab complements BASF Engineering Plastics' support of customers in not only a knowledge of materials and design, but also an intimate knowledge of plastics processing technologies - both standard and advanced. BASF Engineering Plastics has made significant investments to equip its process technology laboratory and staff industry-experienced personnel to provide customers support all the way from prototype to the production end of the product development cycle. Some of our process capabilities are listed below.

Injection Molding
Our injection molding capabilities for product and process development and customer prototyping support include:

33-ton Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machine.
120-ton Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machine.
170-ton Van Dorn injection molding machine.
400-ton Engel injection molding machine.

Co-Injection Molding/Overmolding
For co-injection and overmolding prototyping and development support, BASF Engineering Plastics has a 150-metric-ton Battenfeld twin-barrel co-injection molding machine. This machine is capabile of producing co-injection molded, sandwich type structures as well as two shot, overmolded parts.

Fluid Assisted Injection Molding
Fluid assisted injection molding is one of the advanced molding technologies supported by BASF Engineering Plastics. Our laboratory possesses both Cinpres water injection and gas injection equipment, with the capability of water injection and gas injection individually, or as gas-water hybrid processes. Fluid assist processes are possible on our 400 ton Engel, 170 ton Van Dorn and 150 metric ton Battenfeld co-injection molding machines.

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Our extrusion capabilities incluce a 2.5-in. Royle Extrusion line. The process technology laboratory supports our customers and development efforts in tubing, cable jacketing, and pipe.