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Design Capabilities: Rapid Prototyping

When it comes to testing injection molded parts, there may be no substitute for the real thing, but rapid prototyping can put you on the right track faster by getting you a 3D part that can convey the real feel of a “hold in your hands” concept.

BASF Engineering Plastics, working with its strategic partner, Laser Prototypes, Inc., can produce 3D rapid prototypes from customer CAD files in common formats such as IGES, STEP or STL on our own Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA).

SLA rapid prototype parts can function as a tremendously useful communications tool for everyone involved in the product development process. Your customer, design and manufacturing engineers, mold makers and injection molders are just a few of the key personnel that can hold the design in their hands – literally created overnight. They can make a first cut decisions such as:

Do they like the part's aesthetics or its ergonomics, dimensional tolerances, fit and finish?
Can a successful mold be made for this part?

Mold makers can develop a quote based on the prototype. Some of these prototypes can also provide means for limited functional testing.

SLA parts are useful to complement the typical design process for further improvements.

SLA Specifications:
Machine: 3D systems model SLA 250
Resin Material: SOMOS 9110
Standard build volume is 10 cubic inches (larger parts are typically bonded together)
Typical delivery on a standard build is 3 - 5 days