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The Process

BASF Engineering Plastics is not your ordinary plastics supplier. We can participate from the very first stages of ideation and concept development, partnering with industry-leading consultants in conceptual/industrial design. We strive to think outside the box by weighing downstream variables that affect part design and function – shape, ease of manufacturing, disassembly, and functionality. We strive to introduce innovative styling earlier in the development cycle, improving the aesthetics of functional parts. We draw on our deep experience in many industries, tempering concepts with practicality, linking inspiration and execution. We know that the best designs are those with a basis in reality inherent in the concept. Our goal is to help inspired new products succeed in the real world.

BASF Engineering Plastics' functional design services tap a history of expertise in key industry areas. Our ability to work from concept to production, and at any stage in-between, informs decisions at earlier stages with insights gained from our experience at later stages. We have developed a systematic approach to minimize the trial-and-error nature of many design efforts for metal-to-plastic conversion:

• General materials selection.
• Determine part physical envelope: size and shape.
• Focus on stiffening strategies.

BASF Engineering Plastics' functional design work is complemented by the full suite of our capabilities: feasibility studies, objective material selection, design for assembly and manufacturing, the full scope of our computer-aided engineering resources, and our conceptual design review process.

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