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Design Capabilities: Assembly/Joining

Working with other materials is as important to us as working with customers. BASF Engineering Plastics has explored, developed, refined and revolutionized several assembly and joining technologies, to ensure that parts made from our materials work with other materials as well as they work with themselves. The BASF Engineering Plastics Advanced Development Group conducts research and development on assembly and joining technology and techniques and makes information available to the industry in technical papers and publications (see links below).

Various welding techniques can offer a quick and reliable way to assemble the same or very similar thermoplastic parts. Our Design Solutions Guide offers extensive, detailed information on several thermoplastics welding options.

BASF Engineering Plastics pioneered revolutionary work in snap-fit design, revising classical physics theory on cantilever design and developing new algorithms for more accurate stress and strength calculations. We offer information detailing snap-fit design specifics.

Experimental testing with fastener boss plaques has enabled BASF Engineering Plastics to optimize boss geometry and interference fits. Also, fastner recommendations come from real products for customers.

Different plastics are compatible with different adhesives. BASF Engineering Plastics has developed general guidelines for its materials; however, customers should perform their own testing to ensure material-adhesive-material bonding.

Design Solutions Guide
Snap-Fit Design Manual