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Business Overview

Our diversified resources and heavy investment in research and development and manufacturing allow us to efficiently bring global knowledge and technology to our customers. This is evident in our plans to launch 15 new active ingredients by 2006, providing Canadian growers with even more choice.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be the world's leading agricultural innovator, optimizing crop production, improving nutrition and enhancing quality of life.

Our mission is to enhance value by delivering products and services that satisfy customers' needs and contribute to the sustainability of agriculture. Through customer focused partnering, marketing and sales expertise, and broad R&D and manufacturing experience, BASF will work hard to earn our customers' business.

Innovation for today

BASF Canada is a leading supplier of crop production products, including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for cereal, oilseed, pulse, corn, soybean and specialty crops.

Headline is the first product that will be brought to you that is based on the exciting new active ingredient, F500™. The active ingredient F500 controls a broad spectrum of diseases in many crops. Headline is the product based on that active ingredient designed for the Canadian Pulse Grower. Headline is more active on the most devastating fungal diseases in pulse, including Ascochyta and Anthracnose. It delivers an unprecedented level of control that will give you increased confidence when it comes to growing these valuable crops. Headline offers excellent crop safety and the ability to apply prior to or at the onset of, disease infestation. Headline lets you take control of your future.

Another example of innovation available to producers today from BASF is the CLEARFIELD™ Production System. Developed to improve yields, the CLEARFIELD Production System consists of seed and herbicides to help growers' optimize resources from planting through harvest. CLEARFIELD combines advanced genetics produced using enhanced plant-breeding methods with state-of-the-art herbicides. The seed and herbicides are specifically developed to work together to produce greater yields. Each herbicide in the CLEARFIELD family is custom designed to provide exceptional contact and soil activity to control the weeds most likely to plague a specific crop. The CLEARFIELD production system is a non-GMO innovation. Currently the CLEARFIELD system is registered for canola and corn in Canada and will soon be available to wheat growers.

Innovation for tomorrow

While many other companies are divesting or spinning off their agricultural resources, BASF has instead consciously chosen to invest heavily in this sector and is now one of the leading manufacturers of crop protection products in Canada. BASF has a strong commitment to research and development to continue to bring innovative products to producers in Canada into the future.

As part of its commitment to agriculture and to being the world's leading agricultural innovator, BASF plans to launch a total of 15 new active ingredients in Canada by 2006. The new actives now in development include two herbicides and four fungicides expected to be available by 2004. By 2006, two more fungicides, two more herbicides, one insecticide, one termiticide and additional CLEARFIELD crops should be available in Canada. Look for more information on these products on this website in the future.

Biotechnology for tomorrow

In 1999, BASF formed BASF Plant Science, a joint venture with the Swedish seed company Svalöf Weibull, and announced the formation of a new North American biotechnology research centre. By 2010, BASF has made a commitment to invest 700 million euros into biotechechnology research.

The BASF biotechnology research in North America is focusing on traits that would directly benefit Canadian growers, such as increased cold and drought tolerance. The development of crops with improved output traits such as higher protein, oil and carbohydrate levels is also a priority. This would increase the value of these crops, ultimately benefiting growers and consumers.

Our people

Highly knowledgeable and motivated, our people work hard to exceed customers' expectations and to contribute to the sustainability of agriculture in Canada. The BASF team is committed to working with farmers to help them succeed, by providing new and innovative crop protection solutions as well as excellent service and support. With representatives across Canada, BASF is committed to enhancing value by delivering products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Diversified crop protection products

BASF ranks in the top three crop protection companies globally and in Canada in volume of sales, offering an innovative crop protection portfolio for growers in eastern and western Canada. This comprehensive product portfolio includes a broad line of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for a wide range of crops including wheat, canola, pulses, specialty crops, corn and soybeans. Key products in the portfolio include Accord®, Acrobat™ Assert®, Avenge®, Banvel® II, Basagran®, Blazer®, Clean Sweep™, Conquest®, Counter®, Distinct®, DyVel® DS, FlaxMax®, Frontier®, Kumulus®, Laddock®, Marksman®, Meridian® Plus, Odyssey®, Patriot®, Poast® Ultra, Polyram®, Pursuit®, Pyramite®, Ripcord®, Ronilan® EG, Sovran®, Thimet® and Viper®.

Specific production information: BASF AgSolutions

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