What Is Verbund?

BASF has long been recognized for making the most of its integrated approach to manufacturing, research and its overall management philosophy. This philosophy, together with the maximum integration of infrastructure, processes, energy and waste management, is known as Verbund, a German word meaning "linked" or "integrated" to the maximum degree.

In North America, BASF’s businesses and milestones reflect the application of this philosophy. Verbund provides competitive advantages because it represents more than simple integration. It represents entire interlocking value chains, from chemical building blocks produced primarily for BASF use to cyclically resilient specialty and fine chemicals that offer higher returns.

BASF’s investments and acquisitions highlight more than market opportunities; they also demonstrate the expansion of value chains, a key concept for understanding Verbund. Value chains, capital investments and management’s approach to market opportunities together enhance BASF’s overall returns, serve customers and consistently make high-quality products…better.

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