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Asphalt, Pavement Preservation

Butonal® SBR polymers for pavement preservation


Pavement preservation - the systematic scheduling of nonstructural maintenance applications to protect engineered road pavements and extend their service life - helps promote better road conditions and safe driving by minimizing surface deterioration and the potential for structural failure.

In many states, government and public agencies mandate the use of eco-efficient asphalt construction materials that are durable and that aid in the speed of construction for pavement preservation projects.

These benefits can be achieved by using styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) latex polymer modification.

BASF's Butonal SBR polymers line has been helping consulting engineers and the public transportation community improve the performance of pavement surface treatments and asphalt mix maintenance overlays for more than 25 years. Liquid asphalt binder modification with Butonal SBR latex polymers enhances aggregate retention, prevents drain-down, improves binder performance at high and low temperature extremes, and retards asphalt pavement oxidation in non-structural maintenance applications such as:

Asphalt Articles

Butonal SBR latex polymers are utilized most often in the chip sealing, micro surfacing and asphalt thin-lift maintenance overlay applications.

Chip sealing and micro surfacing utilize asphalt emulsion binders, so the SBR latex polymers are introduced at the asphalt emulsion colloid mill for these applications. Thin lift asphalt maintenance overlay latex polymer modification occurs at the asphalt mix plant as a plant site injection, either at the liquid asphalt supply line or at the mix plant pugmill chamber.

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